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Class 50s for the Microsoft® Train Simulator

Over the last few years a number of different train simulator packages have become available for the personal computer. The best known is produced by Microsoft ® and builds on their highly respected flight simulator packages. A number of different add ons are available for the basic package expanding the railway routes, and rolling stock available to be driven from the comfort of your home, office or even on the train.

This add on pack adds all fifty BR class 50s in a range of appropriate liveries from before refurbishment to the end of service. Thus allowing you to drive your favourite 50 on the routes you have already installed on your PC.

As a bonus, this pack contains Mk1 and Mk2 coaches in British Rail Blue/Grey, InterCity and Network SouthEast liveries, and DCWA engineers pool wagons. It also includes a number of additional activities that work with the Settle and Carlisle route supplied as part of Microsoft® Train Simulator. The developers of this add on pack believe this is the only way you can currently get Class 50's, Mk II and Network SouthEast-liveried stock - so it should have wider interest for virtual operators of British Rail trains from 1967 through to 1993.

System Requirements: Windows (98/ME/XP/Vista), 128Mb RAM, 2GB Hard Disk, 32 MB 3D-capable video card, CD-ROM drive, Microsoft Train Simulator. 


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