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Retrovision Class 50

RETROVISION CLASS 50 (Visions International) 

Number 2 in the RETROVISION series focuses on the Class 50s. We dip in and out of archive footage spanning a period of 20 years from 1973 to 1993 to bring the memories flooding back, while graphic sequences add to your knowledge and enjoyment.

Highlights: On the Midland - D439 departing from Carlisle; double-headers on the WCML; 50s on the S&C. Early days on the Western - 402 at Paddington; 50003 on a Motorail service in 1976; 50024 at Worcester; 50005 on vans. After refurbishment - all blue 50001 & 50019 passing at Paddington; Laira depot in 1982; 50012 at Exeter; 50030 at Newton Abbot; 50024 at Starcross; 50045 at Plymouth. Sectorisation - 50035 in original NSE livery at Plymouth; 50027 at Dawlish; 50048 at Powderham, 50031 at Slough; departmental-liveried 50019 at Bristol East; Railfreight 50149 on clay; Waterloo-Exeter - 50012, 50018, 50041 at Exeter St David's; recently-repainted 50049 at Exeter Central; 50030 at Gillingham; 50029 at Salisbury; 50048 and 50049 at Eastleigh; 50028 at Grateley; 50003 at Hook; 50046 at Woking; 50036 at Waterloo. Final day with D400 & 50007 . . . and a number of the farewell railtours. 72 minutes of informative viewing.


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