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Class 50 Alliance Shares

Your Chance to Become Part of the Class 50 Story. 

Owning a share in the Class 50 Alliance gives you a say in how our locomotives are preserved and operated. So why not buy a share and get involved?

Buy purchasing a share you are automatically enrolled as a member of The Fifty Fund which comes with additional benefits and gives access to the supporters group private discussion forum. For a full list that share ownership brings, please see our prospectus: Click here>>>>.

By purchasing a share you are confirming that you:
a) are over 18 years old
b) agree to be bound by our constitution

Please note; 

  • other mechanisms for buying shares are available. Shares purchased by cheque or standing order cost 25.00 each (follow the links for purchase forms). Unfortunately due to the costs of PayPal, purchases of  shares made this way have to be a little more to cover these expenses.
  • share certificates are sent out once each year, usually in the Autumn of the year following the date of purchase. Share owning rights are applied from 1st January in the year following purchase.
One share: 28.00 
Two shares: 55.00 
Four shares: 107.50 

All the profit from your purchases made on the Fifty Fund Website go directly to supporting our locomotives. Thank you for your support. 

If you have problems with PayPal payments you may have a bank account registered in a non-UK territory. Please contact us on sales@fiftyfund.org.uk for advice: we may be able to unblock the money transfer.

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