Flight of the 50s

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Flight of the 50s

Flight of the 50s (Globe Video Films) 

This new release features all of the English Electric Class 50 locomotives, including 50149 and very rare footage of prototype DP2. The initial reviews by our working volunteers included words like “Awesome”, “Brilliant”, and “Ace”. In 9 chapters the programme contains the 50 story from DP2 to preservation:

1. The Winds of Change; The prototype class 50 and early scenes on the LM Region of BR.

2. Pastures New; Arrival on the Western Region is represented by scenes at Paddington, Bristol, Reading and even in Cornwall where 50027 breaks new ground for the class.

3. The New Warships; Still unrefurbished with that distinctive 'Hoover' sound but now adorned with distinctive nameplates.

4. The 50s Reborn; Following refurbishment at Doncaster the class gets a new lease of life and is seen in action in a variety of liveries all over the Western & Southern Regions of BR.

5. The Final Years; Following the first withdrawal in 1987 the type slipped further into oblivion but in some ways the best was yet to come.

6. On Tour; A round up of many Class 50 tours over the years 1981 to 2003.

7. End of the Line; Sad scenes as 50s become redundant.

8. Brave New World; Commencing with remarkable scenes of the first start-up of 50049 after 10 months on the scrapline at Laira we follow the 50s back onto the mainline and into preservation

9. Leading from the Front; Up front from the cab of 50029.


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