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Filling and Draining Point Mug

Taken from the English Electric Manuals this mug details the position of all the fluid filling and draining points on an unrefurbished class 50 locomotive. 

Each location where oil, water or other fluids can be added or drained from the loco is shown along with a key detailing the function of each point.


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True Blue at Canton 

50049 and 50044 stand under the distinctive water tower at Cardiff's Canton Depot. 

This photo on this mug was taken by one of our working volunteers just after both locomotives had been repainted, with  50049 is in the popular large logo livery and 50044 in BR corporate blue.

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Exeter Back in Blue Mug

To celebrate the return of Exeter in BR corporate blue livery two mug designs have been produced.

Both feature 50044 light engine near Gloucester on its first mainline outing of 2011.

The first is just the excellent photograph, the second also displays the nameplate and crest. 

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