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'49 Generator Parts
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Part Sponsorship

Each of our locomotives has over 3700 separate parts, each part has to function for the locomotive to be fully serviceable and over 3500 have to be fully working for it to be able to move.

In order to assist with the funding of the repair of key items we welcome sponsorship of those parts or their sub-components.

In return for your support you will receive a certificate and a copy of an English Electric / BR engineering document or a drawing relating to the part sponsored.

Thank you for your assistance.

KV10 Input Power Filter Cards

Each Class 50 has two KV10s one is part of the traction power control system the other part of the ETH power control system. Each has an input filter made up of 5 parts, a choke and four capacitors. This filter is very important as it stops the KV10 from putting electrical noise on the electricity supply. If this noise gets too severe it can make other parts of the loco control system fail or misbehave.

In our case all our filters were last overhauled in the 1980s and consequently the capacitors used are now life expired. So we need to replace them all at around 100 per filter card. If you can help by sponsoring a card overhaul (see below), or make a donation towards the overhaul we'd be able to complete the overhaul more quickly than we will do otherwise. 

The filter cards from 50044 are shown above. The lower one has been overhauled, the other will be done when funds permit it - so please help. 

Card Sponsorship 100

Other Sponsorship Opportunities:

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Please note: 

a) the value of the sponsorship does not reflect either the value of the part, or the work being done on it.

b) sponsorship of a part does not imply or give ownership of the part to the sponsor, all parts will remain the property of the Class 50 Alliance Ltd.

c) If the part you wish to sponsor is over subscribed C50A reserve the right to supply the sponsorship on a first come first served basis and transfer the later sponsorship application to a part or parts of equivalent value.

If you have problems with PayPal payments you may have a bank account registered in a non-UK territory. Please contact us on for advice: we may be able to unblock the money transfer.

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